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Floyd is hands down the most patient, talented, easy going, honest sound engineer I've ever worked with.  It's great to have a space where all you have to do is the music and he captures the rest.

Grace Love ( Grace Love and the True Loves)

"Floyd is a pro. With a vast technical knowledge and a sensitive ear to tone and performance, he has been an essential part of the two records I've made with him."

Noah Gundersen (Musician / Songwriter)

"the great part of working with Floyd is his ability to  straddle the old technologies and the new and being fast and competent on both!!"

Steve Lillywhite CBE (producer U2, Dave Matthews Band etc.)

I’ve worked with Floyd on a few projects.  From what I’ve seen he is creative and manages difficult situations in the recording environment as well as anyone.  He was always there when I needed him but never in the way.  On top of it all he is an incredibly gifted engineer.

Dave Matthews (Musician / Artist / Songwriter, Dave Matthews Band)

“I've worked with Floyd Reitsma for 15 years at studio litho.
He is a gentleman.
He is wicked fast on protools.
He is a great engineer who understands eq/ bottom end and and getting organic sounds.
He's ready to experiment and have fun in studio.
He has a very musical ear and knows how to count.
He brings positive energy to any session.
I cannot recommend Floyd more highly. “ 

Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam, Brad, Temple of the Dog)

Floyd Reitsma-Recording-Music-Seattle-Studio Litho
Floyd Reitsma-Recording-Music-Seattle-Studio Litho

"Working with Floyd Reitsma has always been quite a pleasure. From our first consultation meeting I knew I was in good hands. He is a team player, a consummate professional, and a master at his craft. Floyd understands the creative process and knows how to work alongside musicians to draw out the best performances and capture the perfect sound. He's a pro-tools ninja, and has been around the industry long enough to understand and work seamlessly with both analog and digital formats.  Floyd's knowledge and understanding of pre-amps, microphones, and placement has been indispensable in capturing the sound I was looking for. I've counted on his help for engineering, mixing, and co-producing and have recommended his services to many of my peers and collaborators."

-Eric Miller (Seattle songwriter and multi-instrumentalist)

Over the last 12 or 13 years I've grown to rely on Floyds judgement and taste to the point where without him I'm almost lost. His editing skills and ability to take a mess of ideas and turn them into something solid is unmatched in my opinion. He's non judgmental and gives an artist space to try anything no matter how insane it seems at the time. 

Shawn Smith (Brad, Pigeonhed, Satchel etc.)

I have worked with Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho more times than I can count. I wouldn't choose to work with any other engineer. He is always hard working, kind, professional, talented, and easy to be with.  

Abby Gundersen (Musician / Songwriter / Composer)

I've known Floyd for many years now.  He has always been an amazing asset to any session we've worked on together.  His wonderful personality and laid back approach always makes for a perfect recording atmosphere.  A true recording ninja!

Brett Eliason (Producer Mad Season, Pearl Jam, System of a Down)

Floyd Reitsma is my engineer of choice! We have worked together since 1996; he has helped me produce four very different projects ~ a Japanese progressive rock/noise quintet, an Austrian chamber octet with vocal quartet, and two exceptional CDs by Italian sextet OU. He knows his gear, has golden ears, and is very patient when things get chaotic ~ for example overdubbing a brass band or a chorus of 10 people.

Amy Denio (Musician, composer, Culture Shock, Billy Tipton Memorial Sax Quartet etc.)

"Floyd is one of the rare ones who has mastered sound engineering. On top of that, he's a wonderful human." – Courtney Marie Andrews (Musician / Songwriter)

"I have worked with engineer Floyd Reitsma for over 15 years now. He is been both the assistant engineer and principal engineer for some of the best sounding recordings of my career. He is fast, extremely competent, focused, and at the same time easy going and personable. I hope to work together for many years in the future."

Wayne Horvitz (Composer / Musician, Zony Mash, Gravitas)

Floyd Reitsma è il miglior fonico che abbia mai incontrato. Oltre ad essere estremamente competente è una persona calma e rilassante durante ogni fase di lavorazione del disco. Ha un orecchio raffinato e una grande sensibilità musicale. Conosce perfettamente come valorizzare i suoni dei differenti strumenti musicali e la conoscenza ampia di differenti stili musicali gli permette di essere un eccellente fonico per ogni tipo di organico e genere musicale. Veloce e sensibile, attento e competente. Floyd è il TOP che si possa desiderare!

- Ersilia Prosperi (Musician / Composer, OU)


(translation) Floyd Reitsma is the best sound engineer I've ever met. Other than being extremely competent, he remains calm and relaxed during every phase of making a record. He has a refined ear, and an excellent musical sensibility. He knows perfectly how to make the best of the sounds of different musical instruments, and has the ample understanding of different styles of music; this allows him to be an excellent sound engineer for every type of group and musical genre. Fast and sensitive, attentive and competent. Floyd is the TOP that one could desire.

- Ersilia Prosperi (Musician / Composer, OU)

Floyd Reitsma-Recording-Music-Seattle-Studio Litho
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