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this is me
this is my family
this is me
 playing golf


I have been a Seattle based recording producer, engineer, and mixer guy since 1992.  I work primarily out of Studio Litho for recording (and other places depending on needs). My philosophy is to gently guide the musicians I work with towards their visions and needs without getting in the way of the sound they are trying to create.  I love using analog processes but not at the expense of the projects scope.  There are many great tools out there and I will support your creative process with all of them.


On Sundays, from as early as I can remember, I used to sit in the old farm truck on my parents’ dairy in rural Idaho and listen to all four hours of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40.  Afterwards, I would listen to my brother’s 8-tracks until they wore out and my brothers forced me to replace them.  For my tenth birthday, my parents bought me a radio that mounted to my bicycle handlebars and a membership to Radioshack ‘s battery of the month club so I could travel anywhere with my tunes.  As I grew older, I found myself saving every penny so I could be the first to get a portable cassette player!  During those early years, I listened to everything, digesting the music, artwork and credits.  One day I realized that the folks making the records got to work with a variety of talented people.  I thought “man wouldn’t it be great to do that!”  So I did.  Twenty years later, here I am, recording and hanging out with the greatest people, enjoying a career that allows me to listen and help create the music we all enjoy.


Being close to music and the people that create it, absorbing it’s warmth, depth and meaning is what I treasure.


this is
 also me playing golf
artwork cortesy of
My Kids!
this is me
 at the park with my kids
Floyd Reitsma-Recording-Music-Seattle-Studio Litho
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